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Akaichou » Project Zero » Fatal Frame (English Section) » Fatal Frame V » Kunihiko Asou's Journals » Hallo Gast [anmelden|registrieren]
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Kunihiko Asou's Journal I

It was found by a branching family of the house of Asou.
I wonder how many years it has been.
On a festival day, I received the girl's spirit item, a piece of her hair.
I don't know if it really happened. My memory is still vague.
I was holding a knife. After that, I don't remember anything.
I made a promise to come back for her. I feel like she's still waiting for me, but I'm not as feeble
as I was anymore.
I think because I am this old, that pure promise has gotten heavier for me.
But what is done is done. I had forgotten about the promise.
I wonder where I should even have taken this spirit item.

Kunihiko Asou's Journal II

At the maiden shrine. Normally only pople who wish to return to the water visit this mountain, but I was espacilly invited.
A mountain poeple don't return from.
There is a special custom on this mountain.
Customs that treat water as a spiritual entity. The longing to die in a proper way.
People who want to become part of the water visit the Mikos. Interacting with the maidens makes me feel like
that is something that could actually happen.
If many people believe it, and it is protected for many generations, does that make a religion real, I wonder.

Kunihiko Asou's Journal III

The mountain air is so clean. The flowing water is silent and pure. The fog is filled with life.
Everything has a presence. And not just the living creatures or the trees.
The waster is its own presence, too.
I now understand the Miko's words about the spiritual entity that is the water.
"Born out of water, return to the water. Everything is connected with water."
I wonder if the Mikos feel this presence with their keen senses and use that to guide the people to death.
Here, one would forget one's loneliness.

Kunihiko Asou's Journal IV

This mountain's air reminds me of the air at Mt. Kageroi when I was young.
That was when I firmly believed there was a world hidden from the naked eye.
But at the same time, I stopped thinking about it. This moiuntain's air is bringing back important memories.
I fell asleep in the shadow of this shire and dreamed about that day at the festival.
That day ... I don't know if it's real or just a dream, receiving that spirit item.
Could it really have happened?

Kunihiko Asou's Journal V

A mountain people who want to live shouldn't visit. I probably won't see this place again.
I wonder if I'll die alone, in the end. Even if I have many friends, alone.
When someone dies, everything disappears. But, I want to believe. They don't disappear, but just
pass on to another world.
They say there is an unseen world hidden here.
We can't see it. The afterworld.

Kunihiko Asou's Journal VI

What happens to people's thoughts after they die. If there is really a soul, where does it go?
I wonder if it goes to the world we cannot see, the afterworld.
If I could only find a way to get a gasp on the afterworld, that world we cannot see.
If I would be able to photograph people's souls ...

Kunihiko Asou's Journal VII

I wonder if I'll die alone. If death is always alone. However, here they believe that you won't die
alone if you die on this mountain. And they think of post-mortem marriage as a way of transcending
that, to be able to die together.
They don't die at the same time, the man follows at a later time and they exchange vows.
This is a very unusual belief. But, I feel myself getting drawn to this.
I wonder if what drew me in came from within me.

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